What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work

What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work

The definition of web hosting is that when a hosting company provides space on a web server to store other website files, they are hosting a website. So every website available on the web is hosted somewhere. The storage space, uptime, speed, and other features depend on the type of hosting, and the provider. There are shared, dedicated, VPS, or reseller hosting types. And some of the most well-known companies are GoDaddy, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc.

To provide this service these hosting companies use powerful servers. Those computers are used to connect web visitors around the world to the hosted websites. Hosting companies provide a large variety of packages to cover all their client’s needs, from building a portfolio site to a large market site. If you want to make your own website, going to use a hosting provider is inevitable. Since there are hundreds of those companies on the market, choosing a good one isn’t so easy. Going for a free service isn’t as good as it may seem, since it might be extremely be restricted. Even going for an expensive service if you are just starting with websites is recommendable either. Choose the hosting plan based on your site project, how you plan the growth of it, and your budget.

So make sure you choose a hosting service that will grant you the right allocation of resources to keep your site load quickly and to keep secure access to the visitors. There are countless online businesses that operate online, and this makes it absolutely necessary for your website to load fast because no one will stay here and wait until your site “decides” to load. If you are new to making websites the hosting provider’s customer service is quite important. And would be good to choose a hosting company when you can get a domain name, also. It’s better to have the hosting and the domain at the same place.

So thanks to web hosting you can upload your files from your computer onto the web server. The type of servers depends on the hosting plan you have chosen. So even for non-technical readers, it’s important to know the differences between the available hosting plans. In general, some of the most important features to take into consideration when choosing a plan are, uptime, speed, storage, and customer service.

Shared hosting plans are usually the cheapest ones. Because many sites share the same server. So many users use the resources of a single server which makes it easy to manage and keeps the costs low. Each site gets a fragment of the total space of hundreds of sites that can host. This is the most popular option and most used for building small project websites like blogsFree Articles, or portfolios.

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting plans is a more advanced choice than the shared plans. This is an option more adequate for medium-sized businesses that will have more dedicated service. It uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated resources on a server with multiple users. It’s a more expensive option compared to the shared plans but it has more reliability and provides higher performance.

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