What Is Convert Pro Plugin | Does It Worth Switching Into It?

Convert Pro is an Opt-in Lead Generation tool for WordPress. It was originally called Convert Plug, and now it has split into two different tools. The first kept the same name and the other one was called Convert Pro.

Convert Pro
Let’s take a look into it.

Convert Pro Design
After you have installed the setup and logged in to your WordPress dashboard. You will see the Convert Pro listed on the left of your screen. Click on it. And then we go to the settings.

Convert Pro Dashboard

The first impression that you will get is that this plugin isn’t complicated. You can edit the Global font. You have some advanced settings where you can clear the cash. Below are the License and the Add-ons, where you control the features you want to use, to keep the plugin light.

Convert Pro Add-ons

So basically what you are doing with this is making opt-in elements that can be widgets, slides, pop-ups, fixed content, and many other options.

If you go to Create New, there are all the opt-in elements available.

Convert Pro Elements

The most used opt-in element is the Modal Popup.

Convert Pro Modal Popup

Next will be displayed all the available templates at the moment. Choose the more appropriate template and press Select. After that, you have to type a name for your design and click create. And then you will be redirected to the builder.

Convert Pro Templates

This builder is kind of amazing. It’s like the builder in other similar tools like WPforms or Sumo but works more like Canva, or PhotoShop. With drag a drop you can put anything anywhere, and to help you to place the object properly, horizontal and vertical grid lines will appear to easily align it with other objects. This will help you make your design unique. Which is very important, as most of the sites that use Thrive Leads or WPforms have opt-in elements that look the same.
If you want to add something you simply drag and drop any of the elements like Heading, Paragraph, Image, or buttons, various forms, or even generic shapes that you can add.
With a double click on any object you can start to edit it, and on the left will appear all the object settings. There is an Undo and Redo bottom to help you with the editing, also.

Convert Pro Grid

For example, if you want to add the Name and Email form, just go to Form and drag and drop them using the alignment grid lines to place them exactly where you want.

Convert Pro Options

At the Panel menu there are some more options where you can set the size, background colors such as standard color, gradient, and image to help you express your creativity. Also, you have other options like Overlay, Animation, Border, Shadow, Create Link and Additional JavaScript.

Convert Pro Delete Field

If you need to delete something, there is a button on the right of the screen.
After you have done your editing, you can go to the second step, which is configured.

Convert Pro Configurations

For example, you can set up the time that it will pop up. You can set it up to pop up when the visitor does something like click on an image, menu, texts, etc.

Convert Pro Mobile Friendly

Also, all the opt-in elements are optimized for mobile devices also, and you can check how it will look on these devices by using this button.

Convert Pro Make Public

After you are done, on the top right click Save, and then the switch to make it public.
Covert Pro is really powerful, it gives you total control and does things that with the other plugins you can’t do.

Convert Pro Analytics

Another cool thing that worth mention is that, Convert Pro will collect analytics data and will pass it to Google Analytics.
Besides the Modal Popup, there are other opt-in elements that you can create.

Convert Pro Info Bar

For example, there is the Info Bar, where you can choose a bar at the bottom or at the top.

Convert Pro Slide In

Slide In

Convert Pro Before/After


Convert Pro Widged Box  In content Form and Widget Box.

Download Convert Pro

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