Is Honeygain APP Legit? Why It Was Removed From Google Play Store

Around two years ago happened that the Honeygain app was removed from Google Play Store. And this event created a lot of uncertainty, and many questions among the Honeygain community emerged like: Is Honeygain app safe? Is it legit? In this article, we are going to address the questions and what the truth is.



Honeygain is a platform where you can earn passive income by sharing your ensued internet bandwidth. You can download the app to your Windows PC, macOS, or Android device.

Before we go on and address the issues we mentioned before, it’s important to have a clear idea of how this app works. It’s a completely passive earnings app that collects your data. Not any personal data but your unused bandwidth data and sell it somewhere else.

There are many apps that use this method, and it’s legit as long as they don’t touch any personal data. Honeygain has proven itself during the time to be transparent about how the user’s network is used by them.



In September 2019, after its last update of this month, Honeygain was removed from Google Play. First, we have to clarify that not all apps make it into the Google Play Store, and many of them get kicked off it, ass well. The reviews and the decisions aren’t made by a specialist, but are based on algorithms.

So after the update, Google Play Store automated review systems had suspended the app for an alleged Developer program policy breach.


Some users reached out to Honeygain and this how they replied:

“Dear Honeygain users,

As Honeygain offered a completely new functionality for its users, Google Play Store automated review systems, had, in our opinion, wrongfully suspended the latest version of the application for an alleged Developer program policy breach.

This surprised us as we believe that you will hardly find a more informed user than that of Haneygain’s. The Honeygain app does not require or as for any permissions and has no access to any personal data. Also, the Honeygain team, had always been transparent that the user’s network is utilised and what for, this was done via initial Welcome screens, Honeygain Terms of Use, Privacy policies, social platform post (such as Facebook and Twitter) as well as timely support replies through our support email.

In order to understand what triggered the review algorithms and how to solve this issue as fast as possible we are seeking to contact Google directly. Knowing Google’s response times to developer requests are lengthy, we belive it will take some time to solve this misunderstanding. Until then, you can find the latest version of the Honeygain app on our website.




In our opinion, Honey is a legit app, where you can earn passive income by giving them your unused internet data. The app is completely safe, and your personal data is secure.

Since you can’t find it on Google Play Store anymore, visit their official website and download it for your computer or android device.

If you want to learn more about Honeygain make sure to check out our review by clicking here.

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