Review ( | Is It a Great Way to Earn Some Extra Money Online?

In this article, you will inside look at Freecash, see how it works, the available surveys, payment system, best offers, how to find surveys and if it’s a good and safe site to earn some extra cash, or it doesn’t worth investing your time.


The sign-up process is really easy. On the official page,, got to ‘Register’.

Here is the pop-up page where you can enter your details, but if you have a Google or Steam account you can use that and sign up in just 1 second, no other info or password is required.

For more or less all countries, everyone can use this platform. Simply sign up with Freecash and start earning right away. The offers and opportunities might vary in which country you are in. We will go all over the available options, and see which of these are the right options for you.


With Freecash you can earn and get paid in different ways. And also you decide the time to cash out.

For example, if you decide to withdraw with PayPal the minimum payout threshold is 5000 coins which is an equivalent of $5. If you want to withdraw with Bitcoin, the minimum payout threshold is 10 coins or $0.01, anyway, you need to know that will need to have a minimum of 20 coins to be able to use any of the payment methods.


Once you reached the minimum threshold for the method you want to withdraw, getting your cash out is just one click away. It will be pending for a maximum of 24 hours, but if you will use one method few times you will get paid instantly.



One of the ways you can earn with Freecash is through the Offer Walls. By clicking any of these, you will see a lot of offers. For example, you can get 5000+ coins for just installing a mobile game and reaching a certain level.

Another thing that worth mention here is the ‘FREECASH’ offer. It’s just an easy way to get some free coins daily and if you come here daily you will get more. You can get 50 coins for following them on Twitter or you can get a bonus code once in a while.



Another well-known method to make money in getting paid to sites is to complete surveys. You can choose any of the three options available at the moment, where you will be redirected to the surveys sites and the reward will be added to your Freecash account.


If you scroll back to the top, there is the ‘Featured Offers’. Which are the highest paying offers that other members in your country have completed. In this section are some really good offers that are worth taking into consideration.


With this, you can earn more of what you have already earned if you end up in the daily top three or monthly top three. The prize is really good where you can earn up to $500.

As you can see, the first place has earned $1300, and the second and third more than $700. These are really good money, and Freecash is one of the platforms that pay more. So if you intend of being active, keep an eye on the ‘Leaders’ to make some little extra effort to reach the top three if possible.



From the first impression, you will see that it has a pretty cool and modern design. It’s really easy to use and to find the offers you prefer. The support is very friendly where you can use a 24/7 chat. It has some superb earning offers and some good reward methods, also. Probably the get-to-paid site which has the minimum threshold payout that I have ever seen. Which makes it really easy to cash out your earnings. If you want to try a get-to-paid-sit, Freecash definitely worth checking out.

The best thing to do is to test some offers or surveys by yourself and find out which one works better for you. Some surveys depend on how good you are,  your profile, and your location. Because not always you will be qualified to take a survey. It requires some patience at the beginning, this is how it works.

Also, another method to take into consideration here is by using the referral program. You can share your personal link with friends or other contacts, and you will get a small commission of what they earn without affecting them. And everyone who uses a referral link automatically gets 100 coins to their account. If you are not a member yet, you can use my invitation link by pressing the button below,  it’s a great way to help each other out.


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