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Shareasale Review

Affiliate marketing is now one of the best ways to make money from home and to secure passive incomes in the long term. And some of the methods that they use are writing guides, review articles, using banners, widgets, links, email marketing, and many more.

And doing so the first thing that is going to be needed is having a website. Nowadays making a website is easy and can be done in a short time. The hard work comes after which includes making the website have values. With articles that help people solve a problem, content that is interesting to read or to watch, or good information in general.


After making a website the next big step is finding the right affiliate marketing platform. And this might be quite a challenge sometimes because there are hundreds of similar platforms.

Shareasale is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs and it’s good, to begin with. They provide a Welcome Kit with training webinars to help newbies to start making sales. If you are new with affiliate marketing this may be a great place to start, because Shareasale won’t require you to have huge traffic to sing-up and start promoting.


Shareasale Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money through commissions by promoting other people or company products. So, you choose a product you like and promote it on your or other platforms and earn a percentage of the sale.

Most of the affiliates choose to promote on their platforms and most of the used and indispensable assets are having your own website. After the website is ready, the post value content about the products they have chosen. This content has affiliate links in it, if someone clicks and makes a purchase the merchant earns a small commission of the sale.

Affiliate marketing requires some time to build a small audience, to earn some trust, and to choose the right affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing is becoming a way for a lot of people to quit their standard jobs and start making money online from their homes.


What is Shareasale

Shareasale is a popular affiliate network founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2000. The company is high quoted and well-reviewed. The sign up is free and provides many webinars and tutorials to help newbies. Affiliates can have access to more than 4800 merchants with multiple markets.

The Shareasale affiliate program works as an intermediary between affiliates and merchants (business owners, sellers, creators that have a product or service).

Even though some reviews are not favorable, the Shareasale network is considered to be a reliable source of making money online as an affiliate.

How does Shareasale work

How does Shareasale work

Before you start promoting you need to choose the merchants you like on Shareasale. So to do that you need to sign up. However, a website in your possession or administration is required to apply for an affiliate account.


Joining Shareasale Affiliate Network

join Shareasale network

To start things up, visit their website www Shareasale com, and at the Sign-Up button choose Affiliate Sign Up.

join Shareasale network

Now you will be redirected to the sign-up page. Here you need to fill out some basic information like user name, password, and country of residence and move on to Step 2.

The next page is very important because the information you put in this step will decide whether your application will be approved or rejected. So, make sure you enter an active website and sign up for it before you complete this step. Enter the language of your website and answer a few questions about it and move on to Step 3.

In this step, you will be asked to confirm your email address. To speed up the approval process, it’s recommended to use an email account associated with your domain name, such as, and move on to Step 4.

On this page, it will be needed to fill more personal information such as your name, address, payment details, and after you are done move on to Step 5.

This is the final step of your Sign up process. In this step, you will choose a payment option. Unfortunately, PayPal isn’t an available option, and you can choose to accept payments via check or direct deposit only. If you don’t want to do this now, click “Choose later”. To submit your application click “Complete to sign up”. Your application will be reviewed and approved in 2-3 days.

How to use Shareasale

How to use Shareasale

Once your application has been approved, the next step is finding a good product to promote. Shareasale offers a useful search tool that lets you filter merchants by keywords, category, length of time with them, or sales commission structure.

How to use Shareasale

Let’s do first, Shareasale affiliate login.

How to use Shareasale

On your dashboard, go to “Merchants” and click “Search for Merchants“, for example, the wp engine.

How to use Shareasale

If you know what are u looking for, just type the name in the search box. If not use the other methods mentioned before. And then click the “Join Program“.

Make sure to read their program agreement before you check to agree and join any program. After your application gets reviewed you will be notified for your approval by email.

In this platform, there are two merchant models to earn many with. The first is when you get paid every time a visitor follows your affiliate link to a merchant’s lead capture form and fully completes it this is called “Pay Per Lead“. And the second method is when you earn a commission when visitors click your affiliate link to go to a product page and then make a purchase this is called “Pay Per Sale“.

How to create Shareasale affiliates links

Shareasale Links

After you have been approved to a Shareasale program you can create affiliate links to redirect your visitors to their page and earn commissions for any purchase.

Shareasale Links

On your dashboard area, put your mouse on the “Links” menu and there click “Get a Link/Banner“.

Shareasale Links

And then a list of your approved merchants will appear. Now, on the right of the merchant click “Get Links“.

Shareasale Links

You will be directed to the page where you can have links, banners, custom links, videos, and anything you need to use on your promotions.

Shareasale Links

To have a text link, click “Get HTML Code“> “Select URL Only” > “CTRL + C“, and that’s it. Since affiliate links are long, in case you want to use them directly, would be advisable to make them shorter and more professional. You can use the WordPress plugin Pretty Links or other tools to do so. For example, after I used the Wp Engine affiliate link on Pretty Links it looks like this:

Shareasale pays commissions once a month. You can log in to your account and check your earnings in real-time. The minimum threshold to cash out is $50.


Shareasale Links

There are many ways to promote a product, like running social media campaigns, blogging, email marketing, making useful videos, SEO, and many more. So, it would be recommendable to choose a method which you enjoy and can do it better.

After you have links, banners, videos, and everything you need ready, the next thing to do is to optimize your website or other platforms for Shareasale.

Shareasale WordPress optimization

Shareasale Optimize Assets

Some work must be done on your WordPress to boost the impact of your website on google ranking and to increase your earnings.

Write quality articles and guides

Shareasale Add Values

Blogging is pretty basic but not outdated. We recommend writing articles that has values and has an association with the product you want to promote. This is a great way to write freely about the product you like and to include your affiliate links in it.

You can write many types of blog posts like reviews, tutorials, or infographics. So there is no limit to this as long you do your promotions with lots of added values in them.

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Shareasale SEO

To get a better rank on Google, you have to optimize your articles for search engine optimization. SEO is becoming an indispensable tool for promoting products.

Increasing the visibility of your website on search engines it’s a process that may require some time. But it’s worth investing some time and effort because the benefits in the long term are invaluable for your business.

Social media marketing

Shareasale Social Media Marketing

With the traffic that social media run every moment would be a shame not to use it. Social media is one of the fastest methods to use for promotion. But would be good to have a website and some good content in it to promote your product indirectly through your articles.

Email marketing

Shareasale Email Marketing

This method isn’t dead, on the contrary for some affiliates this is their biggest asset. To start and sending weakly or monthly newsletters, you can just provide a sign-up link to your articles where your visitors expect to learn more or have the latest updates. 

Once you provide a good list you can use it to engage more your audience to see your latest post, to promote your products, you can rent your list for others to promote, you can sell the list, and much more.

Other Methods


Other things you can try for example are creating helpful videos. You can do this by yourself or pay free launchers to do this for you. This is considered probably the best way to increase your traffic for free.

Add banners to your pages and posts. You also can add good quality images and buttons to your blog articles. With this method you keep your visitors engaged once they have reached your site.

You can offer promos, coupons, or loyalty rewards. Since everyone wants a good deal, it’s one of the best ways to promote your affiliate links directly.


Shareasale Summary

They are one of the oldest in this industry and will be there for some time. This market is probably one of the best places for affiliate marketing for those who are just starting since the sign-up is free and have a welcome Kit to help you set things up.

They are a reliable company and you will get paid once a month. Shareasale minimum payout is $50.

Thet provides more than 4800 merchants which you can choose to promote. They have two methods of earning money “Pay Per Lead” and “Pay Per Sale“.

Tons of links, banners, custom links, and everything you need for your promotions. Your dashboard is clean, easy to navigate and manage all your approved merchants.  Visit


Shareasale FAQ

Is Shareasale legit?

Yes, the company is among the most popular affiliate programs, has one of the largest affiliate networks, and is reliable and legitimate. Customers from all over the world get to benefit from their services.

How good is the Shareasale network?

The Shareasale referral program provides excellent customer service, lots of tools for merchants and affiliates, and accurate reporting. They have a reputation as an honest and fair company.

Is Shareasale safe?

Shareasale has been in this industry since 2000, now they are one of the biggest affiliate networks with more than 4800 merchants, so definitely they are not a scam.

Which are Shareasale requirements?

The only Shareasale sign up requirements to become an Affiliate with them is to have a website. This website will be associated with the account you will create.

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