Honeygain APP Review | Earn Up To $10 Per Day Passively

Before we see how we can maximize the profit with Honeygain, in case if you are new to this and know nothing about it. Honeygain is a platform where you can earn passive income by sharing your ensued internet bandwidth.

After you set it up properly, you won’t need to do anything else. Maybe you can log in once a day to earn a bonus, but even if you don’t, it won’t matter, you will still earn anyway.

Honeygain App

To get started with this platform, first you need to install the Honeygain app. It’s completely free. For this, go to their official website, www.honeygain.com/, and after you sign up, on the up-right are options to download windows, mac, or Android versions of the app.

Honeygain App

The sign-up process is basically just one click if you have a Gmail account. And if you decide to use our invitation link by pressing the button below, you will earn $5 right away.

Honeygain Honey Jar

Honeygain Honey Jar

The first tip is opening the Honey Jar, which is some kind of daily lucky pot. Its only requirement is only to log in to the dashboard once per day and try your luck. The number of points that you can get, worth up to $10, but usually what you earn varies from $0.01-$0.1.

Even if you don’t log in daily and don’t open the Honey Jar, it isn’t a big deal. It’s more to let you know that is this way to get some free points which worth using.

Install Honeygain In Many Devices

Install Honeygain In Many Devices

Probably the second-best way to increase your earnings using Honeygain is to install and login into your account on many devices possible with different IPs. You can install it and log in to over 1 phone and over one computer simultaneously, but the limits are up to 10 devices, and that’s a lot.

One thing that is important to mention here is that in some countries, users will earn more. Because that depends on the demand for bandwidth for your country. And if there isn’t much demand, it will affect your earnings a lot, even if you do all tips.

Another thing that you need to be aware of here is that you can connect up to 2 devices per one IP/Network. So, for example, if you want to use 6 devices, you need to have access to at least 3 different IPs. But to maximize your results is to connect 1 device to 1 IP address.

Another good tip is to use your mobile network. Since is a different IP, it will give you space to connect another computer to your main IP/Network.

Honeygain Referrals

Honeygain Referrals

Probably this is the best way to boost your earnings, is to invite other people to join this platform. Use your contact list, social media, or YouTube, and when they join through your invitation link, they earn $5, and you earn a small percentage if they use the app. It’s a win-win situation.

Depending on your sources, this might not be easy sometimes and will require quite a lot of effort. I would not recommend using spamming tactics, because probably you will get banned from the platforms you do that and even if it doesn’t happen so, you won’t get any result, anyway. Probably a better idea is to find away promoting it and giving some values at the same time. For example: writing an article on a blog, a post on Quora or even a video on YouTube.

Honeygain Content Delivery

This is another feature where you can increase earnings for sharing more bandwidth, especially for intensive content such as images and videos. If it’s turned on, you can earn up to 6 credits per hour.

Honeygain Content Delivery

If you have installed the app. You can right-click on the little bee icon and there you can see the content deliver feature with a toggle to turn it on and off. This is a kind of restricted feature because they allow only a few devices to use it.

Also, content delivery isn’t available in all countries.

Honeygain Content Delivery Countries

At the time this article was published, this is the list of all countries where this feature is available.


Honeygain Summary

Most of the tips are easy and take little time. And the good thing about them is that you don’t have to do it daily, but you do them just ones, that’s all.

The only thing that requires some more effort is referring other people to join through your invitation link. But it will also give you a better reward.

Considering that most of the things here are simple, and require little time or effort in it, I consider Honeygain a great platform where you can gain passive income if it’s used to its full potential.

If you find it interesting and want to try it, don’t forget that you can earn straight away $5 if you use the invitation link below.

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