5 Online Jobs Ideas | That Pays at Least $15/hr

In this article, you will read about 5 different online jobs that you can start in 2022, even if you are a high school or a college student. In all these jobs can you make $15/hr or even more. But it will depend on how much experience you already have or will get with these.

DATA ENTRY | $10 – $20

DATA ENTRY | $10 - $20

This is probably one of the online jobs that requires the lowest skill level. Data entry might involve a lot of different tasks like transferring PDF books to Word, transferring data into Excel, writing data into other documents from images, etc.

This kind of job usually is not required experience, but it requires time, staying focused, and high attention to detail. Because the data that will be transferred need to match exactly.

If you are interested in this job, we would recommend trying to look on “upwork.com“. Here usually people post jobs that they need some extra help. If you do good work here, you will get a better rate and can start to charge more.



Another way to make money online is to manage people’s social media accounts. There are many influencers, brands, and business that needs to keep their social media activity but don’t have the time or skills to do it themselves.

Most of the time, this job involves making daily posts, scheduling the posts, and most important to keep on track of all their socials. What they need to post, where it’s needed, and how often.



It is a job that is required a lot. Nowadays, it’s not so easy to find a good writer. So, even with decent writing skills, you will get many jobs and make good money.

A good idea is to promote yourself as a writer on a niche-specific. So for example, if you love watching soccer, you can use both your writing and soccer knowledge to promote yourself as a writer on this or sports in general.



It might look that this kind of job needs a lot of knowledge, but to get just started isn’t that so. You need only a few days of online training and practice to start editing good videos.

Learning this kind of skill is good to have anyway. More people or companies require employing people with skills like that, to edit their content on YouTube or other social media.

You can use free online sources like “canva.com” for example. It has many templates for social media, website graphics, and more. It’s easy to use, mostly drag and drop.



Knowing how to market, it’s really a good, valuable skill, which many individuals or companies are willing to pay for.

This job most of the time involves running ads, sending email campaigns, or doing some keyword research. This task might be a good source of income if it’s done right. So many people of companies invest a lot of time and money in these.

Running Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat ads isn’t hard to learn. There are many good free tutorials on YouTube that teach that or even how to run email campaigns or keyword research


These are some of the best options to work online from home. All these jobs can realistically pay $15 or more an hour depending on your skills and how much experience you have.

To find any of the jobs recommended above, we would recommend using the platform Upwork. There are also many other good platforms that you can try, like Fiver or Amazon Mechanical Turk, but Upwork it’s easy to start with.

There are some other methods to make money online that require even fewer skills. This kind of job involves doing micro-tasks or surveys for get-to-paid-sites like Freecach or Idle-Empire. You can learn a few tricks and get started with those by taking a quick look at my review, also.

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